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Listening first, speaking human

We get it. Your technology was supposed to solve your problems. Between workarounds and a sea of (mis)information, those answers quickly became the new problems.

So before anything, we’ll listen. Tell us what works and what doesn’t. We’ll look at your current situation from all angles, then discover what’s right for you.

Apple / mac products and workflow consulting

  • Computer / workstation maintenance and performance tuning

  • Networking in mixed environments (like Windows!)

  • Mac server administration

  • Security

  • Mobile device management

  • VPN for remote access and site-to-site connections

  • Repair, upgrade, and replacement recommendations




You think fast. You work fast. But why is everything so slow?

It all has to harmonize.

How can you bring it all together? Contact us.


“Isaac was so much help on several occasions, always easy to reach. I liked him so much professionally, I started to use his services personally as well!”

Andrea Coulter, Designer

“But I really wasn't the one who figured this out. Isaac got me through this mess. He got on a remote session and not only fixed my problem, but taught me a couple of things along the way and introduced me to a great app. He was fast, helpful and you should hire him for all your NLE troubleshooting. I know I will be hitting him up again.”

Martin Nelson, Editor

“I am a 90 year old female who isn't terribly knowledgeable about computers... but I'm getting better! I was constantly frustrated when I tried to explain the problem to an ‘expert’. Then I found Isaac!! I don't have to worry about finding the correct tech phrases. I don't trust my computer to anyone else anymore. Thank you, Isaac, for being so patient with me and for being so informed in your craft. You've made my computer life so much easier.”

– Jo Jordan, Actor

“I am a professional feature film editor, now working from home. I met Isaac on an Avid forum 5 years ago… and then became fast friends.

“Since then, Isaac helped me immeasurably. I live in London, so at midnight it's fantastic to have such excellent technical support at that hour. Time Zones aren't an issue with Isaac. I recommend him highly, especially to those of us who find themselves on the other side of the pond.”

Tracy Granger, Film Editor, AMPAS, ACE, BAFTA

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